One Nation Under God American Eagle Grommet Flag THB3602GFv2


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It’s time to give thanks for all the little things.
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It’s time to give thanks for all the little things.
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To Show Off Your Patriotism in the Christian Way!

Raising flags is the most beautiful and dignified act that shows your patriotism at any time of the year. If you are a proud Christian American, you deserve a flag to represent your patriotic heart and faith at the same time.

Our hearts yearn for the hands of God over America so it can be blessed forever. It goes without saying that our country needs Jesus more than ever; and for Him, we are able to live and prosper again.

To fly the “One Nation Under God” Grommet Flag is to spread the faith!


Unique & Vibrant Enough To Turn Heads

While folks are looking out for a flag to set them apart from their neighbors, it should be made one-of-a-kind and vivid. The flag idea comes from our own creative minds and 100% skillful workmanship that speaks volumes about the American flag-making standards.

We also focused mostly on the printing ink to make those colors vibrant enough on both flag sides for a far viewing distance. Additionally, our flags are constructed of three fabric layers, out of which the middle one is built shadow-resistant to ensure the visibility is clear and high-contrast on either side.


Proudly Fly On The American Sky

With the help of sturdy and stainless grommets, the flag is supposed to be raised to the top of your flagpole. Our flags are all made of canvas, which is light enough for easy waving in just a gentle breeze. It is, however, strong enough not to get worn and frayed due to extreme winds. If you have a yard on your property, whether a backyard or front yard, our flags with grommets will add a pop of colors that stands out!

Note: To display any decorative flag and the Old Glory together on your flagpole, consider the U.S. Flag Code first. Make sure no other flag is put above the American Flag, and take note of when you cannot display the flags outside.


All-Year-Round Decor Piece

Our flags are not just awesome ways to express your sentiment. They are the decor pieces you can use all year round. First, the high-quality canvas will ensure our flags can last a lifetime, even displayed under inclement weather. Second, religious flags are suitable for any occasion of the year: Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Last but not least, our flags with grommets come in different sizes, from 3×5 ft. to 5×8 ft., making sure you can hang them on walls or tall flagpoles outside the house.




Stay Faithful, Stay Blessed!

Nothing says, “Be a Patriotic Christian” better than this attention-grabbing flag. It comes in captivating, recognizable “Old Glory” shades with a line that hopes for a better nation under God’s power.

Our Christian Patriotic flags are meant not just for homes but also for office places, churches, schools, etc. Wherever there is Patriotism and Christian faith at the same time, our flags can show up as a symbol of your sacred beliefs.

A Gift For Friends and Family Members

The flag itself is not something only to be hung personally and enjoyed on one’s own. You can give it as a gift to others who share the same beliefs.

It conveys the message every Christian would want to spread on a daily basis. For that purpose, the flag also enhances the spiritual value that helps them to always stay in the light of God.

Made with Faith

We are a brand that believes in celebrating all the things that help our lives become better. Religion is surely one of them. Thanks to it, we know our worth and stay in the hug of Jesus through challenges.

This philosophy is reflected in every Christian flag we offer. Each one is made with heart and mind to be full of honor to both God and our country.

Whether it is for any occasion of the year, our products are sure to mark it your way!

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